Religious Education

In cooperation with the Diocese of Fargo, we work to provide a faithful and fruitful curriculum of Catholic Formation for our children from pre-school through the teen years.

Currently we are relying upon volunteer lay members to teach classes from preschool and kindergarten through grade 6.  Deacon Wally Dalman and his wife Colleen provide guidance, as does Father Dale Kinzler.

Father Dale is currently teaching a class for teens 7-12 using the "YouCat" catechism for teens and young adults.

A summer Vacation Bible school has seen two successful week-long programs in early June, with leadership from Pam Ressler and the Dalmans.  We plan another VBS in June of 2017.

Pam has also organized children in the presentation of a Christmas program in December for the past two years.

Confirmation and First Eucharist preparation are currently offered in the third grade, according to the norms established in the Diocese of Fargo over the past dozen years.  Reconciliation preparation is offered in the second grade.