About Our Parish

Quad Parish Catholic Community

Dakota Prairie Parish Communities

St. George Catholic Church is located in Cooperstown, ND, the county seat of Griggs County.  Its current population of some 800 residents includes about 70 Catholic households.  It has traditionally served the mission parishes of St Lawrence of Jessie and Sacred Heart of Aneta.  For about ten years we have also served the Church of St. Olaf in Finley.  Since Aneta is in Nelson County and St Olaf is in Steele County, our total area covers some 1100 square miles serving 150 Catholic households in three counties. 

Cooperstown is located 95 miles northwest of Fargo, ND.  Jessie is located twelve miles northwest of Cooperstown; Aneta 25 miles northeast, and Finley 19 miles east-northeast.  We are small communities in a primarily agricultural prairie setting, where faith is still strong and life is relatively peaceful.

Growing Through Change

Like much of rural North Dakota, our communities see smaller numbers of children, and a growing number of senior citizens.  Retiring farmers entrust land to younger family or neighbors who manage larger acreages.  A good number of cattle ranches retain our younger families with children.  While northwestern North Dakota has seen a surge of activity in the area of the Bakken oil fields, our area remains relatively quiet. 

Schools in Cooperstown and Finley continue their educational mission for our children.  The Griggs County Medical Center provides local care for less serious pathologies.  Nursing home care facilities are available in Cooperstown and Aneta.  Sheyenne Tooling employs a good number of workers in Cooperstown.

Our parish communities, then, continue to provide Sunday worship and daily liturgies on a rotating schedule, faith formation for our young members, and other spiritual services as needed and requested.


Looking to the Future

We anticipate, and pray for, the strong faith of our dedicated lay men and women to continue celebrating our love of God with vitality in worship and service.  We desire and expect the spiritual ministry God will provide through the priests and deacons and religious available to us.


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